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Summary Advice - If you contact us with a problem in one of the areas of law we practice, we may discuss your situation with you and advise you about your legal options. If we are unable to provide advice, we will do our best to refer you to other organizations.


Brief Services - We may also assist with legal processes such as completing legal documents, reviewing paperwork and contacting agencies with you.  You must be financially eligible to receive these services.


Representation - Some legal situations involve a court or tribunal.  In such cases, we may provide representation to people who are financially eligible. Legal representation is determined on a case-by-case basis.


Family Law Referrals - WCLS can refer individuals to Metro Toronto Family Law Services for free legal advice (Tel 416-696-2992).  We can also issue emergency three hour legal aid certificates to victims of domestic violence.  


Commissioning Documents - WCLS provides the following legal documentation services to those who are financially eligible:

•  Certified true copies of original documents

•  Notarizing and commissioning of Statutory

    Declarations in English

•  Writing and commissioning of affidavits related

    to the areas of law that we practice


Public Legal Education - WCLS conducts public legal education workshops. These workshops are normally held at the request of one of our community partners.  If you would like a lawyer or community legal worker to speak to your group about one of the areas of law that we practice, please contact us.

Referral You may request a referral for free consultation of up to 30 minutes with a lawyer or paralegal in all areas of law. Click the link -

WCLS offers free confidential legal assistance from lawyers and licensed paralegals.


We provide general information, advice and referrals by telephone and in-person. We also provide brief services and representation.


The kind of assistance that WCLS can offer depends on your eligibility for our services, the facts of your case, and our availability.

Areas of law

Our office is open :


Monday to Friday

8:30 am to 12:00 pm

1:00 pm to 4:30 pm


After hours and off-site appointments available

Our office is located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible.

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