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Anti-Racism Initiatives

Willowdale Community Legal Services (WCLS) acknowledges and decries the persistent and ongoing anti-Black racism in our communities and internationally. Our community members feel vulnerable from the ongoing harm, trauma and pain that has been underscored by the recent deaths of Black men and women at the hands of police officers. Anti-Black and anti-indigenous ideologies are embedded in our institutions. Canada, the legal system and legal clinics are not immune to this reality.


WCLS recommits to ensuring inclusive, equitable and safe spaces for everyone who requires our services. We will continue to work with members of our communities to intentionally confront racism in our institutions, our communities and our individual interactions. We pledge to strive to better recognize when racism impacts how our clients experience legal processes, and adjust our services accordingly.


We recognize our responsibility to intervene and respond to situations where racism is evident or implied. Negligence in addressing racism in our communities and broader society is a form of racism. We must look for, name and confront explicit and implied racism. Together we will strive to build communities that are respectful, inclusive and caring.

Race data

Willowdale Community Legal Services is Collecting Race-Based Data!

Why?  We are asking everyone who contacts our office for service to provide information about their race(s). We are collecting this information to better understand our clients and to ensure that we connect clients with appropriate services and organizations. How you answer these questions will not affect our decision about whether we will provide you with services.  You do not have to answer these questions – it is voluntary.  If you do answer the questions and later want the information removed from your file, let us know and it will be removed.

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